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I feel so STRESS!
Thursday, April 30, 2009

U do know how it feels lyk when you are having stress. am i rite? oh yes, i am goin for holiday. but so what? i dun really feel lyk goin, u see? first, i have sooooo many problems to solve. second, i am goin for holiday and i have 5 outstanding essays to do! imagine that? thirdly, i have to find my choir outfit! on monday. i cant get it of course since i am coming back from that island at 11pm on sunday. i am gonna stop here. coz i am much relieve now. THX mr. squid and mr. manbeast. :)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Photo album
Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just discovered that i actually have this funny-looking picture in my laptop. haha i do think that it is cute. guess what? i actually finish my add maths homework. woo-hoo but more-to-go. and i found some pictures of mine when i was cleaning my picture album.

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One day to a new beginning
Saturday, April 25, 2009

The title is just so familiar to me but don't know why. Today is a new day for me as i have a new haircut. NEITHER SHORT NOR LONG. Just a fine one. Not much difference but just layered and thinner. Its easier for me to tidy my hair. :D hmmm, its unbelievable that i do my homework today. haha

With love,
Racheal =)

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Sick of everything.
Friday, April 24, 2009

Something's really wrong nowadays. I feel sick all da time. Looking at the amount of homework that is NOT DONE! I am totally sick of homeworks. guess what? some ppl here are very unfair to us and they show it in an obvious way. I cant believe there's such humans in my school. WHAT A DISGRACE?! GODDD pls tel me what's going on with me? one word S.T.R.E.S.S! why are we the one who is being attacked? tell me why. i just don't understand some ppl. They don't know choir and YET they can talk bad bout us. Hearing them saying is really sickening as we won and they say we weren't champion. I doubt that she is loyal to SMK PUTERI.

With love,
Racheal =)

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a day to remember.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

I was 'outstanding' today for the very first time in my LIFE. because? for not bringing all my books? haha i noe its nonsense but it's the truth. pity karen for what 'someone' have done. I wish all the best to bombay and karen :) and hopefully bout me. lol! It's all bout stress in me now! competition! exams! ppl! gossips! grhhh! just one word. S.T.R.E.S.S.!

With love,
Racheal =)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reminds me of us.
Why cant u just be here to set me free?

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A date with friends.
Sunday, April 19, 2009

I went swimming with sum, sean, aj, kok, aaron, vivien, nicole and mei hwa. Pretty cool. Pity karen coz she fell from dunno which floor. haha SUC have some thai fair which delayed our timing. We were suppose to swim again after dinner but since our orders are late, so yeah.. I stil can remember the moments with aj. HIS LANGUAGE is superb! haha 'kai alarm''lei hou ma'. guess what? we 'played' with some kids there. they had their water guns but not us. =( but its kinda funny playing kids. i started the thingy bout taxi and everyone had fun with it. too bad i cant join those ppl for water jumping coz as u noe, i have some backbone prob and its not over yet! grrr! b4 i went home, i got shot by seniors. i cant really remember who but i think its jordon and mei lin. haha =D PADAN MUKA KENA MARAH BY SECURITY.

With love,
Racheal =)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

we taste victory again?! woo-hoo! thx god for helping me so so so so muchhhh that i did not puke on stage =) andd let me tell you how the whole thing goes.

We practice so hard everyday! Seniors CRIED! We are SICK! Seniors SCOLDED! and everything is worth it! coz we are the champion. omg omg omg! i cant believe we work so hard and everything is lyk miracle. out espression dfuring practices were not that good. but when we undergoes pressure which is singing in front of the crowd, everyone tend to have the 'feel'. u get what i mean by feel? haha thx joycieee and everyone for making us feel the champion again! =D

I went back from mr.lim on friday night early as i wasn't feeling 'that' well. then i went home and have a good sleep. and i YET i woke up late. winnie was already in my house when i was bathing. haha pai seh pai seh. then itu tarzan miss call saya. nak aku buka pintu pun tak akan call. miss call ajeee. then we tie our hair and off we went to skool. everyone was so early. haha i think we are the latest. mayb not? hmm, then everyone was ready and all in a sudden we have a lil' prob which is we tak de keyboard. T.T bernie went home to take the keyboard for all of us. thxxx! then we went to that 'kampung' skool. its not that bad lar. coz their hall is quite nice oso. haha betta than ours i think. then we went to the classroom for some practices. and guess what? my stomach start aching again?! i really feel lyk wanne puke and all. then its time to be our turn! our skool was the third to perform. =) i do think we did a great job. i was totally a normal person. i was so happy to see ppl clapping for us after each and every song. i am so touched. haha then after all performance we had our meal. then those solos and tarian. hung around the skool with winnie and vivien. haha it was quite fun to visit ppl's skool. then this is the time that everyone have been waiting for. THE RESULTS! *screams everyone was nervous. i was crying after knowing that we are the champion. and ourr next level is coming in 2 weeks times. GOSH! i am nervous k? its state level. the one we lost last year. T.T and hopefully god is always with us. PRAY HARD!

With love,
Racheal =)

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Hari Anugerah Kecermerlangan PMR

I had my PMR anugerah kecermerlangan at last! haha we got 30 bucks each and cert too. haha picture'll be posted later. =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Outting again.
Sunday, April 12, 2009

I went jusco again today. but did not questioned by mum bout friends and all. :) she gave me a good lecture bout my backbone and heels. so yeah. i wore flip-flops to jusco. and was laughed by shaz which is actually laughing at himself. Dont make a fuss out of it, boo! i went there the earliest i guess. then went into greeenbox to say hi to those friends. then waited for aaron to come then buy tickets. We bought Bloody Valentine. then we went to eat at secret recipe. Food was servised so slow! We were 5 minutes late to moviee. but its alright. guess what? no guards at the entrance. so we just sneak in as the movie is 18PL. the movie was scary! i admit that i shouted quite a few times. hmm, not a few lar, mayb all the time. at least betta than aaron lar. he was sleeping :p rite, aaron? haha after movie we went to arcade to play foosball and daytona. as usual lar! then i saw denise and gang! haha it was sharlyn's bufdae. we sang her a happy bufdae song and left secret recipe. Me, vivi and nic bought ice cream from daily fresh. NOT BAD! haha then i went to tuition.

With love,
Racheal =)

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Dinner after v sam.

Asam Fish
Kangkung belacan.

i ate all this in malacca yesterday. damn full!
With love,
Racheal =)

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Skipped School Again!
Friday, April 10, 2009

I skipped school today again. mostly because of my back and karen. She played truant too. :D hmm, i am feeling better already. i think i can go for swimming and jusco. hopefully. i gotta go back to school for choir and cheerleading practice. i am going allson klana later for the reherseal of majlis anugerah sukan mssmns. *not sure whether its correct or not* wen hui, it ok. we understand ur situation. plus who was the one bitching bout me? u? no? of course i'll support you ok? who was the one shaing all my secrets? who was the one sitting with us in science lab? its u. If i dun support you, i'l call my self a bitch.

With love,
Racheal =)

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School's out!
Thursday, April 9, 2009

IT'S AWESOME THAT I SKIPPED SKOOL TODAY. haha know why? coz my backbone injureddd :( i went to see the doctor in the morning. doctor said my bone is swollen and a lil' crack. he cant put the cement for me coz its at my BUTT! i think i am gonna change my whole class to the ground floor. weeee! i hope my school allow us to do so. i cant walk, sit or stand. damn annoying! main factor i think its coz of tat day i fell in tuition plus vigorous activities. so yeah.. hmmm, after seeing the doctor, i went to senawang to have lunch with my daddy. its's his bufdae today! so do yap rong hui. and tomorrow is lawrence's bufdae. yesterday was eric's. 3 IN A SHOT?!!! woo-hoo! me, dad and mum went to secret recipe to have our lunch. i ateee lasagna, brownie walnut and iced blended cuppocino. lol coz tat's what da doctor says. then pill'll make my stomach hungrayyy. after that i went to school for choir practice. I wanted to quit cheerleading but teacher doesn't allow as tomorrow is the rehearsal. =D i am goin allson klana. i feel so sad that i cant go for swimming day after tomorrow. T.T i wanne join my frien!
With love,
Racheal =)

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An unexpected crowd.
Sunday, April 5, 2009

richard, sum, me(racheal), nicole, karen and wen hui.
sum, me(racheal), nicole edmonds, karen, wen hui, nicole kimberly

I went to jusco today with sum, joevin and gang, karen, nicole edmonds, nicole kimberly, wen hui, sean, aaron, richard, aj. Pretty awesome with funny around. anddd i reached there bout 12. then meet up with wen hui, aaron and gulshan in popular. Then we went up to the cinema to wait for the others. well, here come richard. continuued by nicole then karen etc. i decided to ask nicole to get the fast and furious ticket for us as we are sort of UNDER AGE. =D then we went for lunch. i bought burgr from mcd and mocha frappocino from starbucks. then we went for movie at 1.30. we were eating in a hurry. then deicded to pack our stuff in bagsss and sneak into the cinema. well, each of us goes with pair. as its 18PL. the unmatured one will go with the matured ones. i sat beside 'grandpa'. a skeleton came half way of the movie. it was eventually sum. haha after movie, we proceed to arcade. as usual, fusball, pool and daytona. some idiot came and tell 'halow! ni hao ma? wo men ke yi zhuo ge pen you ma?' i was lyk wth? got stunned for a second. and grandpa kept teasing me that. after that, came another bujang fella (older one) started talking to us. nicole replied 'go away! i don't noe u. so i don't wanne talk to u' haha then we went mcd to buy drink and adioz!
With love,
Racheal =)

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Fun in school!
Saturday, April 4, 2009

I don't know what the hell is going on in m y school? all of a sudden, everyone is interested with twilight series(book). haha they ae like those FREAK DESPERATELY FOR THE BOOK. =D i've got the first book only. haha andddd, i don't really read books. For example, i have a book which contains 3 stories in it. As in, 3 in 1. You get what i mean? I'll only read 2 out of 3 as i am lazy. Plus, boreddd =)

Talking bout jane*miss banana*. why banana? ask her =] in camp, we got to noe each other better and i think she's friendy. not as what i thought last time. the strict, unfriendly banana. haha i can bet everyone is afraid of her include me except for her friends. =)

I gotta refill my stationary stock. It's all empty. Gotta go for stationary shopping in POPULAR. haha anyway i am going this sunday. Basically my pencil case is sort of empty now. no eraser, highlighter, pen refill and etc. I think i am gonna spend bout 50 there. haha

Guess what? I STAINED MY CONTACTS and tis purple now. I did that once in camp but it wasn't that obvious. sadly to say that i have to throw that firggin contacts away as its coloureddd! =( Its not even one month yet and i have to throw. Better not let my mum noe. hahaha

I don't know what wrong with me nowadays. I just feel lyk eating ALL THE TIME! and that's badddd. I tried to control my eating but i just cant resist the cheeesyyy food. How i wish i have spagetti and lasagna in front my eyesss now! haha Do not think that i am a freak coz there's many ppl which is the same species as me. I AM NOT A FREAK!

Talking about my pictures in blog for camp. I don't use thick eye liner normally. so DON'T spread the news that i wear make up, bongok! and you ppl don't have to make jokes out of it.

With love,

Racheal =)

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Bitchiness in her.

U call us THIS and THAT. but you are the one. I don't know why u hate her. And why are u making me to hate her? i just don't know and don't wanne know. All i know is she is my best friend and you can't break us. Don't try to brain wash me with someone i used to lyk. I don't think there is anymore now. You can call us a bitch but look at what are you doing first. You are not the one i know anymore. I wonder HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BACKSTAB US? I just can't figure it out. and guess what? Me and her prob is OVER. coz we solved it. Sorry my dear for not believing you. I was also terribly sad when i hear those news. You can ask the tarzan. =D I hope everything is settled now. HOPEFULLY.

With love,
Racheal =)

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A great day!
Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today is full of sweet, sour, bitter and lots! haha first of all, happy bufdae bella! haha love your cake =) andddd heard bout many 'stuff' today, really shocking. especially the one in canteen. and also shocking bout what aiman told me in tuition. hahaha oh oh, b4 i forget, i did an experiment in skool today. i 'derma' my salava. hahahaha its's so cool! lol choir was tough! high note. the highest we must go is Aflat. a WOW! lol first time in my entire life. and yesterday was april fool. i tricked so many ppl. haha first one to trick me was Jane. first person whom i tricked was my MUM haha. lied to her that i m not goin skool. lol actually i din wanne go skool today. my whole body is aching! coz of some program name segak. we have pumping, seat up, naik turun bangku. and one more i dunno what's the name. damn kesian wehhh. coz i cant even take off my shirt. tangan damn pain! and we planned an outing today. it WORKS! haha we invited sum, sean, joe vin, nkt, gabby, wen hui, richard, aaron and aj. betta show urself in jusco! except for sum, nkt and gabby.

With love,
Racheal =)

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