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Camp 09
Saturday, March 28, 2009

I went for a camp yesterday and today. just reached home and decided to bloggie all bout camp! its so awesome. well, mostly coz all the comitee are funny and awesome ppl. we had our camp fire night on friday. Our theme was Music of Sphere. and we have 10 patrols named based on types of music. When we are setting up the camp fire, all in a sudden, thunder and storm came. we were praying so hard so that all our plans will go smoothly. =) at last it did not rain. weeee! My performance sucks! then we are told to go to bed at 10.30. i was lyk wth? so early. then we had blind guides. all in a sudden when we open our blind fold, we are in the skool hall with DISCO NIGHT! we used to have disco night but NOT anymore as we oni have camp for 2 days this year. We had 3 days last year. lol =) i cant dance as i have stomachache. coz i was running around with alethea and wee ru after eating. then after i quit dancing, i went to wash my hair. whole sick is stained wit my red hair. haha after washing in the canteen, me and winnie continue makan with kerrie, kimberly and alethea. haha

me and francisca. i noe i look gothic but tat's me coz my theme is hard rock!

me and winnie. she's in latin =)
and i brought my teddy along. haha
next morning, we have our buka puasa competition which is the breakfast preparation competition.

eggssss =) looks kinda nice.

tat's our food for breakfast.

and we had ups and downs which is the hiking. we walked to mont jade. cant u spot me and jane in that pic?

winnie and i. we manage to took a pic after the station games. i look dirty coz my face and hands are full of water and 'gam kanji'.

we took some photos before leaving. some of them are my group members. p/s i am just the assistant patrol leader. SHRUTHY is the patrol leader. u rock shruthy and i love you.

no caption.

this is my envelope. just a few 'love' letters inside. haha it's a column for ppl to talk bout you.

winnie's group which is Latin's name tag.

BOLLYWOOD which is kerrie and kimberly's group. i love hers.

flag for hip hop.

flag for bollywood.

flag for country.
flag for Latin.

flag for hard rock! me and jane did it. our masterpiece =)

flag for pop.

flag for tribal.

flag for musical. i lyk it.

flag for retro.

flag for classical.

Camp this year is full of surprise! haha our comitee members even did a souvenier for al of us! haha

a gift from my manito. thx manito. perisha is my manito. haha i gave her a box of chocolate =)

oppsy! i forgot to show my name tag. taaaa daaaa! this is it! =D

ooo and guess what? wee ru gave me a water gun. she is from country so yeah.. we fight all day long. haha nice playing with kath, wee ru and jane =)
With love,
Racheal =)

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Skool's Starting.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ahhh! skool is starting again. how can that be huh? i m sick of homeworks and tuition. how nice if we can go to skool and absent for skool anytime. anyway i m absent today. coz i m LAZY haha. plus got to finish the flag. hmmm, wish me luck for my camp performance and hope those put3ians can come as guys are strictly not allowed. bye guys, i'll see u guys on friday. =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

this is a lil blurrr =)

best shot i guess? karen, vivien, me, nicole, mei hwa, sean and sum

Gossiping machine, hijacker, chlox girl, superwoman, manbeast and animal planet

Superwoman, tarzan, gossiping machine, manbeast, animal planet and chlox girl

Superwoman and me =)

Terribly tired yesterday. til i woke up late today. =p hmmm, went to v sam at 4-6. my contacts fell in tuition. i was lyk WTF?!!! thx god i brought my spec. as usual, i'll throw my contacts. haha everyone was thinking what's goin on. so pai sehhh! *smack sum* laugh at me somemore. as i have one contacts on one eye ONI. basically my eyes are lyk one small and one big. lol contacts make our eye looks bigger. and my dad was late! to fetch us to suc to SWIM. weee~ sum was grumbling. and sean made it to the swimming thingy. someone was happy! haha then after swimming, we went for dinner. of course in suc too. nicole and karen's food is lyk a total MESS! the servants there are so not cool. i would say uncool rather than other words. then we went back at bout 9.45. karen and vivien came to my house. vivien lepak in my house til 11.30. aaron don't believe what i said. *sepak aaron*.
With love,
Racheal =)

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busy day!
Saturday, March 21, 2009

on the 20/3/09, it's really busy. haha i woke up as early 8.30 so that i can be on time to go to the lake garden on time. haha then, i realise that i forgot to print out the picturess. then connecteed my laptop to the printer. but its NOT WORKING! so i gotta draw it myself and i m running out of time. but thx god jane came late. haha while working decided to go anw to eat. bought a chicken burger which sucks to the max. then, came back to work. SHRUTHY went home the ealiest and she's the patrol leader. and something happen in da middle way. wee ru called and say that jamming at 3. i was lyk 3?!! and there's something something which is a secret between jane and me. we went parkson to get her stuff. we talked a lot. haha thx jane seriously. if not because of her, i dun think u can even see me today. =) then i went to acs for band reherseal. i suck at playing piano. T.T then came home and called my mu to remind her to buy the things that i need. and shockingly she told me i have tuition today. i totally forgotten that i have mr.lim today. then i rush to the toilet to bath and came out and KAREN is here! no time to comb my hair oso. such a busy dayy.

With love,
Racheal =)

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I went swimming with sum, sean, aaron, aj, nicole and mei hwa. haha this time, me, nicole and mei hwa and aj was late. haha swimming is awesome although tiring. haha mei hwa and aj had a hard time to go into the water. lol dunno what's wrong with them. We wet aj's cap. haha as usual, we talk in water. haha sum is called the gossip king afterall. haha we stopped swimming at 7.30 and camwhore. just a short one. haha then at 8.50, my dad called me. it really freak me out. i was totally scared that i m gonna be grounded by my dad. but actually it wasn't haha. he was just worry bout me. he was worry that i have not eat my dinner. haha it was really a shock of my life. =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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I went to jusco on 18/3/08. With sum, nicole, aj and nicole kimberly. We had so much FUN! Although we had less ppl this time, we sitl enjoy it. haha nkt came and pick me up at 1. then i reached there at bout 1.15. Went there and saw nicole and aj. SUM was late. haha we bought tickets in TGV. Race to the WITCH mountain. its cool! especially the little boy. so cute and handsome. haha the lil gal is pretty. *jealousss hmmm, sum came bout 2. Wen hui did not turn up. WEN HUI! THX to surend and eric. They helped me. Wanne noe what? go ask them. haha We decided to have our lunch. We couldn't make up our mind to eat secret recipe, sushi king, pizza or mcd. at the end, we went to mahanttan. Sum belanja. haha next time gotta belanja him lar. nkt ate salad, i ate fish and chips, nicole ate grilled something, sum ate flamming something, aj ate pasta. hmmm we gossiped there. Seriously, all sorts of nonsense popped out. haha we spent lyk 2 hours there. then we move on to the arcade. played foosball and daytona. *dunno the spelling. we played lyk more than 5 rounds so basically everyone got first. haha hmmm, then we went for movie. Aj belanja us. the movie is at 4.10 till 5.45. i went popular to buy something for the camp then we went home. i reached home at bout 6.45 and i have not bath or anything. GOSH! and i have susan later at 7.30. after washing my hair, karen arrived. so TEPAT! tat's all for yesterday. =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today we had choir practice in school. It started at bout 8-12. I woke up at 8 but its alright as my house is near to skool. DAMN IT! i just rubbbed my eyes in the morning. and it's stil RED til NOW! omgosh! how could this happen to me? i did not watch porn, okay? hmmm, practice was tough. and we had audition today. so i skipped accounts tuition. hope teacher doesn't mind. after audition-ing, we chit-chated. Winnie took a video of vivien doing stupid stuff. This is the link for the video. Have a look if u noe her. From there, u can see her "true colours" haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BJDm9DXMpM tat's the link. enjoy ur show. =) haha and something really important happened yesterday. Someone told me something bout someone. It's complicated and too p&c to tell here. haha i was so pissed that even _ _ _ _ _ 'll kena from the two babi. She is so good that the two babi have to be jealous of her?

To the two babi :
Don't talk bout ppl whom you jeaslous bout. Look at urself before talking bout ppl. Did she even talk to u ppl? is she even close to u that u noe her "so well"? no right? so SHUT UP! seriously ur big mouth. cant believe u are someone who cheats on ppl. seriously. i thought u were young, sweet and gentle except ur voice. but afterall, i dun think that u're such a person anymore. u're critisizing a wrong person. what is it that u have to talk lyk that? u don't even noe us and u're not even our friends. after hearing bout u being a b***h. i noe who are u now and u look worse than a beast. no offence but that's thhe fact. ppl may think u're pretty but u're so not. in fact, u dun even look nice. once u open ur mouth, "hancur" dahh. after reading this, if u think u're da one, please stop it.

With love,
Racheal =)

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Mei Hwa's birthday BLAST!
Monday, March 16, 2009

It's mei hwa's bufdae yesterday! It was really fun and i can say that its really a sweet 16 birthday. let me recall who went, obvisouly MEI HWA, her sis, me, karen, vivien, nicole, sum, sean, aaron, kok, joevin, joe ee, joyce, jasmine, cath, wen hui, theepah, rita, azeera, bella, tijen, mifzal, erik tan, others cant remember. haha sorry =) hmmm, i reached there bout 10.30 and went to buy a present for mei hwa. as u noe, i have tuition from monday til sunday so its lyk terrible BUSY! then we went to green box at bout 11. and she was already there. haha we sings lyk madd. seriously. now i am having sore throat so as my frien it think. we camwhore lyk hell.
These are some of the pic that we took.

and there's a game we played with some test pad thingy. these are da contestants. =) and sean kissed sum. and erik and joevin is gay-ing. *joking =)

and this is me and my friends in green box! so malang la. i was playing with my necklace and al in a SUDDEN, it broke into pieces. T.T and nic's ring dropped into the sink! imagine that?

after leaving greenbox, i went to eat with azeera and bella in secret recipe. and both of them left me after eating. haha then, went and meet up with nic, vivi, karen, joe vin, kok, sum and sean in sushi king. after eating, we went to tuition at 5. terribly tired! haha after that i went to my grandpa's house as yesterday was his bufdae. =) tireddd.

With love,
Racheal =)

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a busy day
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today, woke up at bout 10. so awesome! at last i got enough sleep. haha totally enough. usually i got lyk mayb 6-8 hours of sleep? lol holiday begins today! its fun! haha but i kinda busy today. playing games, doing tuition homeworks, DOUBLE tuition today. aiks! hate double tuition in a day. especialy those straight to each other. V sam's at 4-6 and susan at 7.30-9.30. totally tired. but tomorrow's schedule is more pack. dad wasn't at home this morning so i rule the house. and i m home-alone. =) love it as no noise and no nothing! just spending my time as though i've finished SPM. That's so COOL! i've been starving at home since morning. no food no nothing. there are food but not ly likeesss. just so bad to be home-alone as i don't noe how to COOK! is that so terrible? by 2, mum and dad's home to fetch my sis to tuitions. I do think you should keep track on my blog as its holiday! i have planssss =) lotsa of them!

With love,Racheal =)

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New post of mine.
Friday, March 13, 2009

Omgoshh! its holiday babesss. i cant believe it. my exam's over and now its holiday! but i m drowned with homeworks, tuitions, camp, choir, my room and my closet. Ahh! its just so busy! holiday is not even a holiday. anyway happy holidays guys and gurls. Let me tell you wat, i m so NOT gonna study. lol its my holiday. study? yuck! hmm, my exam is not done really that well. its okok for the first time. but thx god that my room did not scold me. and no F so farr =D. look at my happy face when exam's over! hahaha i m really happy that at last i can get some rest or something.

btw take a look at my layout and comment it pls. i really spent much time on this. At last! i noe how to edit blog's skin. haha really thx to christie. she helped me. =)

me and karen took some photos in mr.lim's tuition. look at how insane can i be? everyone commented this picture. its a men's toilet. haha seriously i've neva been inside. haha
school is the worst thing on earth. Ppl gossips and spread in the whole town. omfgg! you shouldn't talk bad bout us since u don't even noe us. its lyk u're creating rumours bout us, u see? we don't talk bad bout you so don't talk bad bout us. its baddd to gossip bout ppl who does not even give a damn whether u exist or not. so SHUT UR ****ING MOUTH. we hate it! i don't noe what's ur prob. did u lyk even look at ur ... in the mirror? ur ... is so lyk omggoshh! look at urself before talking bad bout us. u're just wasting ur saliva alright? i m kind enough here to tell you not to waste you saliva. i am not gonna mention who but u noe who u are and so do us. u made us angry, we can bet ur whole secondary life would be a disaster.
With love,
Racheal =)

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