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I am just a normal teenager.
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I party till dawn,
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The second day of CNY!
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I slept late last night so en when my mum asked me bout clothes(i m stil on bed), i got annoyed and make those faces.BUT that was at 7 in the morning. *so earlyyyy so then when my relatives came, my parents brought to have breakfast(dim sum) and they din even wake me up? how tat can be? which means i m HOMEALONE. wow!*sacarstic wayyyy then i woke up about 9+ then i went to my grandma*maternal's house. lol seeing cousieeee theres. lol i brought along my laptop too. haha in case its boring. and prooved tat my guess are right. DAMN BORING! lol luckily i brought my laptop. Then, i went to have my lunch downstairs. mana tau entah siapa got itchy hands go lock the door. WTH?!! my laptop is locked in a room itself. so i gotta wait for my granddma to open the door. For the time being, i watched tv. lol after few hours. the door is opened. weeee! We played cardss and also MAGIC! aka TRICK. lol and those kids really believe that. lol except a few who are elder. thr right, we went out to play in the car porch. Some bloody cousie hit my head! i was lyk *ouch! and I thought him a lesson. He was so friggin scare. hahahaha not that i m bullying him okay? its tat, u noe, my head! haha then we had our dinner. then we went back about 9. then i online then wrote this post. haha =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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The first day of Chinese new year.
Monday, January 26, 2009

Song audio : 12 days of christmas

The first day of chinese new year, my angpao came to me...
red packets gettting more and more red.

The second day of chinese new year, i m getting fatter and fatter.
stood on the weighing scale which weight 100kg.

The third day of chinese new year, i am cleaning the house.
perspiration dropping and dropping.

AND SO ON......

lol i m juz crazy. Don't mind me? haha hmmm, today was just so awesome. i woke up at 8pm and saw a red packet under my pillow. i m sure my mum put it last night. =D i reach tampin which is my dad's hometown. I ate and ate. lol! my stomach was just full with cookies. love them~ YUMMY! haha wan some? then i went gambling with my aunts and grandaunts. Usually i mix with my aunts more than my cousieee as tmy cousieee are just so young and lil'. Parcially just age about months to 8. lol! imagine that? i have aunts who are just in standard 6. lol tat's my youngest aunt i guess. hmm, so yeah.. gambling. lol! dad gave me 50. Ppl says 'give and take' but mine is 'take the money and gave back' oh wth man?!!! bad luck i guess. lol anyway i won so much and lost so much. They wouldn't wanne let me go after i won my money. hahaha money minded-$$ i went home about 6. My dad was talking about the sun eclipes in the car. so we started looking to the bright sky to spot it. luckily we had a sunglasses and tinted glass. if not, ur eyes will go @@. lol seriously and NO JOKE! haha it hurts! OUCH! lol. hmm, this is the first time i saw the sun eclipes in REAL life mannnn. lol and i went to my maternal grandma's house just now. lol! yesterday was her BUFDAE. and we din even celebrate it. how saddd~ but i had fun talking to my cousieeees and all. NOT those young ones but the elder ones. btw DON'T mix up my parental and maternal families. i noe it's COMPLICATED.

With love,
Racheal =)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

omgoshhh! omgoshh! its so fast that 2008 has just pass me. lol! i just cant believe tat and one year later i m OUT FROM SKOOL! omgoshh! lol all of it just happen in such a FAST time. i am missing u ppl. haha and NOW! its! CNY! lol ANGPAO and ANGPAO! lol and today its so fast that tomorrow is cny edi. so fast! which means SPORTS DAY is coming soon. omgosshhh! i haven even prepared to go for the cheer. as I am not DONE with EVERYTHING to be PRECISE. haiz! wth man?!!! okay! i m gonna share my sports with u ppl alright? adiozzz!

With love,
Racheal =)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Talking about it. *arghhh! we started at about 8++. Then *boom, everyone started running. Me and my friends had already promised that we'll walk together but then after few seconds, all of them disappeared. i was lyk *wateva~. *thinking that they were in front. After running, din see them. so i decided to run larrr as no one to talk to oso. Everyone is busy running too. haha! when running back to my skool, my stomach is ACHING. *so troublesome wehh! coz i din eat breakfast in the morning. Gastric started its nonsense. AIKS! I cant do anything except walking. so i had a quick walk. then guess what? i reached the skool num 36. wth wehhh. 1-30 oni got prize. its so UNFAIR. T.T i ran with all my heart and soul *kononnyerr haha after reaching the skool, i started throwing up in toilet. as i told u, (GASTRIC). After a while, i was fine edi. Thx god! Then, its prize-giving. haha a few ppl from yellow house got the prize. Surprizingly, the first to arrive school(18 years old and below) was yellow house! i was so so so so so SHOCKED!WEEEE~ so i stood up and shout lar. mana tau ter-sprain my vein. haha hmmm, i was lazy to go to clas for GOTONG-ROYONG so i asked teacher's permission to practice my cheer. Then i collected all my members lar. School ends at 1.10.

With love,
Racheal =)

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Friday, January 9, 2009

The first day of school is just so awesome. I can meet my friends and all. TOTALLY very happy. But when comes about my class, i am TOTALLY unhappy about it. Guess what? I am in the last class of the science stream. This is so unfair that they took it randomly and ppl which has 2-3a's can be in the first class. GOSHHH! hmmm, but i have to think positively larr~ my teachers are just so good as they have years of experiences. haha! and i am ok with my classmates now. btw i m the ajk kesihatan in class. hehe! i noe its funny but i lyk it as there's nothin to do. hahahahaha. next, i m the capten of the cheerleading squad in my skool. This is awesome but i dun think i can shout as i m joining choir. I wouldn't wanne lose my voice for that. and there are much work to work on. haha! HOMEWORK, TUIITON! I think i can online on FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAYS. haha cocurikulum is starting soon. haiz! more and more work. Its been one week in school. I gotta wake early everyday and i hate that. I am always LATE!

With love,
Racheal =)

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