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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sorry for not updating it for quite sometime. haha! On the 30th december which is the date me, RACHEAL TAY gonna die but failed. I went to skool to pick my PMR results. haha i went to school about 10am. It wasn't early as many ppl reached there earlier than me. WE are NERVOUS! Teachers arrived one by one. Everyone was getting more and more nervous! GOSHHH! So do I! Thennn, a JPNS car came. All of us screammed out loud bursting our lungs as we thought it was our results. but it wasn't. Mayb it was. ARGH! watever. lol Then, teachers asked us to go to the hall to get our results. Everyone shouted once AGAIN. We waited unpatiently there. AND its time for results. Everyone started shouting and screaming and RUSHING to out form teacher, MR. Madhavan. haha he's the star of the day. weeeeee~ then i got my results. I just glanced through and saw all a's *mayb and started shouting alone in the hall. Luckily the hall s loud enough to cover my voice. haha then i counted 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7! Tears started rowling down. Student's parents saw it and said tat i was too happy. haha seriously i cant believe my eyes til NOW! thx god i got straight a's. I din expect much as i think i din study till 100%. mayb just 60-70%. haha *screams i'm gonna study heared next year. =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Japan Rockz! 21/12/08
Monday, December 22, 2008

I love japan! The champion of the hockey tournament Asia Cup 2008 is KOREA. CHINA got second. INDIA got third. and JAPAN got 4th. Although they lost, they are stil the champion in my heart. lol! i love them! muhahaha~ i took picture with them. weeee! wanne see those picture? click on 'racheal-friendster' on the link in my blog. thx =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Japan Rockz! 17/12/08
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is the last match of Japan! lol I have a bad news and a good news. Let me tell you the bad news FIRST. hmm, JAPAN lost for the first time. I was a lil' saddd but after hearing the good news, i was HAPPY! haha Today's match is between JAPAN and china. It was awesome. haha The score was 2-1. Actually it was a draw but the UMPIRE said it wasn't in. So it's 2-1. =( hmm, the players from China are all slim and tall like a MODEL. lol! They run damn fast like a bullet. lol! Today was reali very HOT! My skin is getting darker. =( hmm, sweat was running down like a bullet. lol! AND the good news is JAPAN is going to the semi finals. lol! i hope they'll get into the FINALS in BOSTON. lol! its amazing! haha hmmm, i'll supporting JAPAN on saturday too but i am not sure about the time. hehe =D There'll be a closing ceremony on SUNDAY! That's when i can take picture, hug and ask for their email add. lol! hopefully we're sitting together =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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Japan Rockz! 16/12/08
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today as usual cheering for Japan! lol but everyone lost their energy which include ME. i don't know why. No spirit to be exact. Hmm, today's score is 15-0 between Japan and Thailand. Awesome rite? lol! andddd all of us took picture with those japanese hockey player. It's suchhh a SWEET memory. =) but i forgot to bring my camera! how saddd? =( nvm i shall bring tomorrow. lol! i was really UPSET today. My best friend changed a lot. It not the one that i noe anymore. =(

With love,
Racheal =)

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Teen's Night
Monday, December 15, 2008

Today i went to the teen's night. I reached nicole's house at about 8++. Chatted with her bout past and present. Mostly secrets.. :) Then we left to SUC at 8.30. A lil' disappointed. lol! Ppl who are suppose to go did not turn up. How sadddd :'( hmmm, the boy band ROCKZ! lol and dancing in the dance floor with lil' ppl is so friggin embarrassing. lol! and THX SUM for your COKE! lol

With love,
Racheal =)

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Japan Rockz! 14/12/08
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today's game was AWESOME! Let me tell you the score later =p As usual t-shirt and tracksuit. lol! Today was different. I didn't take my school bus but my own transport. Bus left at 7.15 but i left at 7.30. haha! i reached there exactly before they started. lol! When i walked pass the Pakistan's cheerleaders, i spoted many from MY school. Those PENGKHIANAT! haha namely THEEPAH MARAN, SONIA and i don't know who. lol! The game started at 8. Within a minute the JAPANESE scoreddddd XD. Its super fast! They scored 7-0 (JAPAN and pakistan) before the half game started. You know, we have to change places after the first half game rite? Our teacher doesn't wanne change. So we have to obey. The teachers from the other cheerleading team scolded us and wanne report about our doings. That's ahhhhh! Then the second game started. WOO! They scored and SCORED! Before i forget, we have free bread and money before the second half game started. loL! Let me tell you the final score. ITS 17-0! WOOOOOOO! I just cant stop cheering. It's wayyyyy tooo awesome! HAHA i cant even believe my own eyes. Wanne see the score board? Let me show you. <<<<<<
With love,
Racheal =)

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Japan Rockz! 13/12/08
Saturday, December 13, 2008

J for the JAPAN!

On the 13/12/08 which is TODAY!, we are cheering for the JAPANESE HOCKEY TEAM in Seremban 2 at 4-6pm. We gather in school before going to that hockey stadium. We manage to capture some pictures when the rain stop. It started pouring again when we finish taking photos. Can u see the J-A-P-A-N-!? haha we made it ourselves. DIY! and can u spot ME? i dont think so =) just fyi i am second from ur left in the second row.

hmm, we set off to the stadium at 3 something. and reached there about 3.30. lol! Rain was pouring heavier and heavier. We started cheering and waving at those japanese gals. They look cute~ The rain poured heavily till all of us got wet. gosh! and the sits are totally wet and rushing down like a waterfall. haha! We dont't even have a place to place our bags as the place are all wet. Luckily I am smart enough to take out the things in my bag and chuck the things with my bag into a plastic bag. haha! We waited till 5pm and at last! the rain stopped. =) everyone was givin a smile :D then an announcement saying tat 'the game between malaysia and japan'll be posponed to 6pm till 8pm. Then my parents came! i was lyk wth. They brought me to some restaurant to have my dinner in case i cant wait till 8pm. They are so CONCERN =). I came back just in time. The game is gonna start soBoldon! WEEEEE! The red ones are those JAPANESE! and they WON!!!! they got 2 goals and malaysia got only 1 goal. That's saddd.

I manage to take a photo with my friends during our rest time. haha and this is IT! Stop looking at me! I know i look weird T.T

Free gifts of the DAY! and i got 5 bucks! haha


TAKE a look at the condition of my leg now after soaking in my shoe for more than 4 hours.

This is the t-shirt that i wore today. Kinda plain rite? and guess wat? i got the XL size. Looks lyk as though i am drowning in the shirt =)

With love,

Racheal =)

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Friday, December 12, 2008

On the 12th December, which is today, i went AGAPE. LOL! believe it or not, but its my first time there. No comment about the show thingy. Pretty AWESOME. Just an advice. Do not watch on videos as its not that awesome. Thankz to eu-kynn mum who help me out to find my friends who are watching from the balcony. =) something miracle happen. I saw TWO Jordan! hahahahaha actually they are brothers. lol! I din manage to eat the refreshment plus NO appetite too. hehe~ There are still shows in AGAPE on the 13th and the 14th of december at 8pm. =)

With love,
Racheal =)

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12 december!

Hmm, no specific tittle today. Sorry bout it~ Many stuff that happen today! lol check it out :
a)my cheer practice
b)my darling VIVIEN's bufdae!
c)i can go to the teen's night

hahah! tomorrow is the big game. Gotta save my voice for that. =) Tired, TIRed and TIRED! practice to the max. Tomorrow is the game between Malaysia and Japan! lol JAPAN ROCKZ! haha! i really hope Japan'll make it to da finals.Which means i have more allowance =) and getting busier.. lol! i think those spectators'll be wondering how come Malaysia ppl are supporting the JAPANESE. lol J-A-P-A-N! JAPAN! JAPAN! GO! GO! *one of our cheer* same lyk the K-U-Z-C-O! KUZCO! KUZCO! GO! GO! hahahaha!

Today is a very special day for my best frien. VIVIEN! lol Today is her bufdae. Unfortunately i am the forth to wish her. sobx sobx T.T anway i did wish her. Let me sing a happy bufdae song to you here my dear. Happy bufdae to you, happy bufdae to you, happy bufdae to VIVIEN, happy bufdae to you. muack! I love you honeyyy.

Yay! my mum allows me to that party. LOVE you mum! You do understand me~ hehe

With love,
Racheal =)

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Teen's night =(
Thursday, December 11, 2008

You must be thinking what so sad about it right? Let me tell u the whole friggin story. I just told my mum about it. And guess what she say? 'PUBLIC?! its so DANGEROUS!' *scream out loud* i was lyk *speechless*. I dunno what's wrong with her. Not like i am gonna go to those unknown and approach them. EW! pls! I am friggingly VERY DAMN SO angry NOW! btw she's a lil' closed minded. HATE ITTTTT!!!!! This time only she say cannot go. Other party can go pulak. =(((((

With love,
Racheal =)

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Cheerleading practice today was real tiring. But its worth it i guess.... hmmm, actualy i din noe there was practice. Do u noe how many ppl i smsed in da morning as i remember either its thursday or friday? No one replied. lol! i guessed they were stil sleeping. haha! so i went back to sleep. until..... someone smsed me telling me there's practice til 12. i was lyk wth! Honestly i joined this to get some allowance AND the CERT! LOL hello! its international. Who wouldn't wanne go..? lol the big game is on the 13th december 2008 in seremban 2. *scream out loud* i canttttt waittttt! lol fyi this is the first year i m joining. Kinda cool tho~

With love,
Racheal =)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hmm, on da 10th of december, which is today, i went swimming wif my friends who are VIVIEN, KAREN n NICOLE. One more person which is AARON. It was really fun hanging out with friends. lol! After swimming, we went for our dinner. Precisely my dinner as no food is provided in my house. haha hmm, i ate some fried rice and iced lemon tea. It tasted not tat BAD. lol n we bought cakes for vivien as we are celebrating her bufdae. I mean a surprise party for her. It was really fun although its tiring. Actually we changed our plan. We are suppose to celebrate this SURPRISE party in GREENBOX but turning out in the swimming pool. haha It was awesome. Sorry for not putting any pic as i DID NOT bring my CAMERA! ARGH!

With love,
Racheal =)

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Iwan Chong =)
Friday, December 5, 2008

Yesterday which is the 4th december, he Iwan Chong a.k.a my PENGUIN a.k.a my BEST FRIEND helped to out to add some thingy into my BLOG to make it look a lil' nicer. I am here to thx him for everything he've done here. As he has spend his time for this although its juz 3 MINUTES. haha!

With love,
Racheal =)

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